This page provides handy definitions of all the terms that I am going to come across in the building of the WebSite and the writing of this Blog.

Even now, I know that as I have been trawling this space in search of information, I have been confronted by many terms that I have not understood. I’m sure that I am not alone in this, and I am sure that there must be a lot of you wasting unnecessary time searching the Internet for inspiration.

What I have found is that when information is presented by experts, they tend to present it like an expert. Here we are going to approach everything from first principles, if there is stuff that depends on other stuff, we’ll try and do the other stuff first. This blog is going to document the journey from “don’t know” to “know”.

TermDescriptionFurther Information
DropShippingDropShipping is a retail model that requires very little start-up capital and no requirement to carry inventory. First steps in DropShipping
EPCEarnings per Click is a value derived from a formula, and is based on the average income per click across all the clicks you achieve for that link. Affiliate Marketing
External LinkThis is a hyperlink that points to a target on a domain other than the domain the originating link exists on. If another website links to this website, or this website links to another website, the links are considered to be external links.
FaviconThe small icon that’s visible in your browser tab and in some search results on mobile devices. It's a little marketing artefact that people doesn't grab the attention ... unless it isn't there.Favicons
Feature PhoneAn enhanced mobile phone that retains the push-button and smaller screen form factor of earlier-generation phones. Feature phones are sometimes called dumbphones in contrast to the alternative touch-screen smartphones. The term ‘feature phone’ was often used to describe the high-end phones supporting additional services that were developed to take advantage of the then, new 3G networks.
Featured ImageA WordPress feature that allows an image to be associated with a particular post. The image will usually be something that reflects the nature of the post and will be displayed prominently.

Also known as the Post Thumbnail.
HTTPThe Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is an application-level protocol for distributed, collaborative, hypermedia information systems ... so there!
The details of HTTP are beyond the scope of this site, but if you want to know more, you could do worse than Wikipedia.
Hostingsee Web Hosting
Link EquityThe value of a page (whatever that might be) that is passed to another, linked page via the link.
Managed ServiceHere, Managed Service relates primarily to WordPress.
The WordPress Managed Service is provided by your WebHost (usually for a small premium) and allows you to focus on your writing rather than on the administration of the WordPress application.
PermalinkA shortened version of the longer “permanent link”.

A permalink is a user-friendly URL generally derived from the title of the associated Page or Post. It is usually generated automatically by combining the first part of the site URL with the “post slug”, “slug” or “URL Slug”, which is essentially the title of the Page or Post. In the case of this page, the first part of the Permalink URL is “https://blooger.me” and the URL Slug is “glossary“. The Permalink for this page is, therefore: "https://blooger.me/glossary".
Placeholder PageThe generally accepted definition is the temporary home page that greets visitors to a domain before the website is published.

I also use it to identify pages that mark the endpoint of a link, before the article has been written, which is not particularly SEO friendly!
Get Started
Managing 404
Post ThumbnailAn alternative name for the Featured Image in WordPress.

See Featured Image.
SEOSearch Engine Optimisation: the process of improving a site to increase its visibility for relevant searches. A better ranking in search results means a higher chance of attracting and retaining customers and visitors.
SERPSearch Engine Results Page.
Pages that are served up to users in response to a search for something online using a search engine.
Web HostingThis is essentially a method of using a web server provided by a commercial service provider to host a website. The Web Hosting principle means that you do not need to provide your own hardware. You can make use of one of the servers in the cloud and only pay for what you need ... when you need it.
WordPressWordPress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS). It is easy to use and because of that, it is used by more bloggers, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies than all the other options combined.https://wordpress.org/
301301Permanent Redirect:
A status response code that indicates a web page has moved and its location has been changed, permanently.
Thinking about redirects
302302 Found (V1.1) 302 Moved Temporarily (V1.0)
A status response code that indicates a web page has moved and its location has been changed, but only temporarily.
Thinking about redirects
307307 Temporary Redirect:
A status response code that indicates the resource requested has been temporarily moved.
Thinking about redirects